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SPECIAL NOTICE: Taking a break from digital communication during the month of March from Friday morning until Monday mornings. Started timing my wasted hours and was saddened by the use of brain-numbing electronics. And i have always been a minimalist compared to students, friends and family. I still refuse to have a cell phone other than a flip phone and i still have very few #’s in it, constantly challenging myself to memorize them. But… i need to stop this crazy behavior of waste. So… beginning this Friday, if you are a new client, please leave a voice message at my office (214-358-3633) where i have someone to check for an emergency call. Or, leave an email and i will respond on Mondays. I’m halfway through my book on HYPNOTISM.. maybe this will help to speed up the process. Thanking you for your support. Bette xoxo


LOOK! New hypnosis programs coming In 2018

I’m making a major change in my precious school. And to my professional life as a part of a major hypnotherapy training organization. Beginning January 20, 2018, the 30th anniversary of HEARTSONG HYPNOTHERAPY TRAINING CENTER, I will teach workshops only… until i change my mind!
… for instance… Melissa Roth, from Boulder, Colorado, will be here to teach 20 hours on Hypnotherapy for Irritable Bowel syndrome. Also within the next few weeks i will teach a weekend on developing your intuitive skills, which will include body language and hand reading. Watch for DOWSING and Laughter Therapy in February… and lots of exciting subjects.
Have awesome holidays… and please write to me on email instead of phone calls… i often lose my phone. bette@heartsong.com.
No previous hypnotherapy training required for these workshops…. see you soon. 

A Special Message From My Heart

        In 1989 Gil Boyne, the founder and lifetime director of THE AMERICAN COUNCIL OF HYPNOTIST EXAMINERS,  sponsored me to be the only ACHE approved school in the Southwest.  After being fully approved by the Texas Education Agency and Texas Rehab, in 1990,  I taught the first class of fifteen students for 250 hours.  Over the years, I increased the classroom hours to
300 plus  fourteen book reports,  which meant 200 hours of home study. Then, add to that, a speech, a self-hypnosis c.d.,   and a very extensive Heartsong student test.     None of this has changed, nor will it change with my dropping my affiliation with ACHE.
        One day two years ago, it came to my attention that being approved as a school, or for being certified by a school,  has no validity in any of the 50 states.   It means nothing to state governmental authorities.   It does not assist the hypnotherapist  in securing clients.  Back in the day it had some snob appeal among graduates of certain schools,  mine being one of them.    But, as Gil always taught us:  Hypnotherapy is listed with the department of labor as a legal job title,  and it cannot be taken away.
        Then…. I started putting the numbers to the total costs of the membership,  the costs of the conferences,  and added air fare,  hotel, food, costs of classes once you get there,  annual  memberships,  special lectures,  and all the myriad of fees.  And don’t forget the charges by the schools for C.E.U.’s….
        So …  since over 2/3 of the hundreds I have trained over the years, have chosen not to join ACHE or any other of the affiliations,   I don’t feel that I am breaking anyone’s heart.   As contentious as our friendship was,  Gil Boyne  was always there for me when I needed him,  he cared about the quality of his schools, his conferences and what ACHE meant to him globally.    We were never on the same page politically, religiously, nor spiritually, but he never failed to tell me at the end of each conference when I had taken students to meet him, that he was proud of my people.   And, yes,  I will always be proud and grateful to Gil for the acknowledgement of my work:  “I’m giving Bette Epstein my coveted annual literary achievement award for her book on grief and bereavement,  “A TIME TO MOURN”.
        Leaving this organization feels like the right thing to do.   I feel a little nostalgic.  But I don’t feel sad, don’t feel glad, just feel more honorable.    It’s not about leaving ACHE… we were no different from the others… it’s a business and I guess I thought that I was giving my graduates something other than that when they joined us.
        Thanks to all of you who have been a part of our family over the years.
        Comments,  questions,  concerns…. or praise  …  please do that.

Email:  Bette@heartsong.com


Bette is available for Hypnosis Sessions


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Bette and Her Beautiful Children

Bette Epstein and the members of her elite society of former students are here to help you. Bette, of course, is the leader of this Heartsong group, but there are a number of well-trained, excellent hypnotherapists here when she is away or overbooked. She never sees more than eight clients a week. If you bring us a problem we have no skills to deal with, we will refer you to a professional who specializes in your condition. After being in this location since 1984, most of our clients are medical referrals, but that is not vital to securing a session for help.

Did you know that with HYPNOTHERAPY and an excellent guide, you can:





Bette Epstein is the most experienced hypnotherapist in the Dallas area.  She is gifted, intuitive, caring confrontive, (gently), professional and embracing and has been trained by many of the geniuses in this field.  Her early education was with Randal Churchill, Marlene Muldur, Gil Boyne and Ormond McGill.

Bette guides her clients through all of the commonly known issues such as

  • Many aspects of MENTAL HEALTH
  • and that’s just the short list.

Sessions with Bette last at least two hours and the cost is $200.00 per session, or $300.00 on Sunday and she doesn’t work on Saturday. Call 214-358-3633 for information or to make an appointment.

If you have questions, compliments or concerns,  or would like to see testimonials,  please write to Bette@heartsong.com.