Heartsong Requirements for Certification


The following is a list of requirements:

  • Twenty seven days in classroom for lectures, films, guest speakers
  • Completion of book reports or other assignments regarding reading material
  • Completion of assigned journal work
  • Completion of self-hypnosis tape
  • Presentation of speech
  • Completion of three-page Heartsong test
  • All fees to Heartsong paid in full

When all above is completed, your test for membership in the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners will be mailed to their offices in San Diego, California, along with your check for $175.00 for a two-year membership. Your estimated waiting time for receipt of certification is approximately six weeks. This test will be made available to you the first part of the last session. It is not required but suggested that you join this organization.

ACHE is a self-governing body of hypnotherapists from all over the world. It is politically active and supportive of hypnotherapy remaining a legal job title in every state. Bette proctors this timed test.

The goal at Heartsong is not just to teach you how to do hypnosis, but to do such an excellent intake interview that you will know exactly how to work with your client when that interview is completed. The rapport which takes place during that interview is what makes the hypnosis session successful. You will be taught everything that is listed for the course and you will not be disappointed in the amount of material covered by the end of this training.

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