About Us

About Us

“Hypnosis is personal-empowerment far greater than any other path.”


This Center is an outreach for mental and spiritual growth in the area of Behavioral Therapy.
Classes, seminars, conferences, and weekend instruction in subjects dealing with self-realization
for the lay person and techniques to enhance the skills of the therapist are all taught here.
Experts in many fields of alternative and complementary medicine come here to lecture and
present new as well as ancient modalities of healing and empowerment for physical and mental
health, spiritual stability, and self-improvement.

Although Hypnosis is the primary focus of the career training at Heartsong, the gatherings
and workshops are open to everyone, even those who know little or nothing about hypnosis.
Every workshop, seminar, and class is taught with joy and humor and a lightness of spirit which
encourages those attending to quickly feel at home.

Early in our adulthood, each of us makes decisions as to how we will live our lives and how
much we will adjust to accommodate the needs of those close to us. When the reward for this
behavior is no longer healthy, we seek new skills for making our lives work. Hypnosis is the
only tool which can be used as successfully alone as with a therapist.

Self-hypnosis can change your life as quickly as you allow it to. Imagine a gift greater than the
ability to take charge of your life, your obsessions, addictions, mental ills, reactions to others,
desires to be martyrs, insomnia, habitual behaviors, overeating, relationship fears, shyness,
inappropriate sexual behavior, fears of failure and success….. and the list goes on. Actually, the
list never ends. If there is a human condition which needs to be healed, hypnosis gives us the
power to make that change and make it now. Hypnosis is personal-empowerment far greater than
any other path.

After maintaining a clinical practice in hypnosis and hypnotherapy since l986, Bette Epstein
founded HEARTSONG Hypnotherapy Training Center in 1990, as an adult career school. 

Once a student has completed the training course, and all fees are paid, she or he may audit the
entire course for as long as the school exists. Surprisingly, Bette didn’t expect the students to
return as often as they do. In the classroom the spirit of fellowship and unconditional love is so
supportive that we often have a visitor each day.

The center offers a residence program for out of town students when classes are in session for a
minimal fee. HEARTSONG is a shoe-free, vegetarian, humor-filled place to be. Removing the
shoes is not a religious edict, but personal choice by Bette. “Removing the shoes reminds those
attending that they have just entered a special space where we are all equal”.

If you would like more information about any of the events at HEARTSONG or the school… or
just like someone to chat you up about interesting stuff, just phone us and leave a voice mail. If
we don’t pick up it is because we are either not here or are with a client. Call soon, you won’t be

Hypnotherapy services are not a replacement for psychological evaluation or treatment. Any continuing mental illness after hypnosis by a clinical hypnotherapist should be treated by a psychologist licensed by the State Of Texas.

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