Comoy’s relationships Guide.The method in which the Country of origin stamps appeared.

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Comoy’s relationships Guide.The method in which the Country of origin stamps appeared.


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There are certain variations of nomenclature that taken place around longer background that assist in reaching approximate times scales. These variations put:

  1. The way in which the Comoy label was stamped regarding the remaining side of the tube;
  2. The way the Country of origin stamps showed up.
  3. The introduction of and various different methods the inlaid C ended up being created in the stalk;
  4. The name associated with the tube when these names were introduced and or concluded.

It ought to be recalled that, because the stamps used for stamping water pipes got used, brand new ones would-have-been ordered and put alongside the existing your and there could consequently become overlapping various style.

If the tube features a gold group

In the event that musical organization has the soon after three scars really manufactured from silver. The initial mark, a lion passant to suggest it is silver, accompanied by a tag showing which assay region (for-instance a leopards mind for London), and lastly a letter the 12 months.

NOTE! Often there is the possibility that the silver groups might have been ordered in of the manufacturing plant in batches and for that reason could have been used up over several months and get a year outdated by the time these people were applied to the pipe. It may als were connected afterwords as a repair to fix a crack etcetera.

That is a list with samples of hallmarked pipelines to demonstrate different nomenclature found:

  1. – 1902 hallmarked sufficient reason for HC without a cartouche. Really The Only some other stamp try LONDON MADE.
  2. – 1904 hallmarked, and today the HC is placed within a cartouche, which had been the design and style from then on. Stamped quietly J.R. in an oval and LONDON MADE. (Comoys furnished a lot of stores which had their title stamped unofficially on the pipeline. J.R. ended up being obviously one.) There isn’t any C about mouthpiece.
  3. – 1913/14 hallmarked. Title Comoys in the left part in somewhat florid software, and dating a Nevada girl there’s an end running in reverse from s, completing underneath the o. This will be similar to the end available on very early Sasieni pipes. In Comoys” stamp try LONDON MADE in block capitals all the same dimensions, sans serif. There is no embossed C on the stem, nor any name or form quantity. On the lid from the fabric instance, there’s an oval cartouche with the exact same Comoys. There are no C about mouthpieces.
  4. – 1917/18 PRIMA and, with this pipeline, the Comoys is within the exact same program as over, but, rather than the end operating backwards in term, the y enjoys an extended drop down after which sweeps forward to finish underneath the s. PRIMA are straight below Comoys in capitals all the same without serifs. On the other hand regarding the pipeline is actually LONDON MADE in the same stamp as 1 to 3 overhead. There’s no C inlaid throughout the base. In order to express just how different stamps can be utilized while doing so, another Prima outdated 1917 have the Comoys Arched, which simply proves more than one type of stamp was used as a result. There is absolutely no C in the mouthpiece.
  5. – 1921 past Bruyere with hallmarked gold band. COMOYS curved with IN below and BRUYERE arched additional ways. On the other hand, MADE arched, IN below, and LONDON arched the other method. These stamps are an oval rugby-ball form in the place of a round football. There’s absolutely no C from the mouthpiece
  6. – 1959/1960 hallmarked 22 carat gold musical organization. This pipeline has a meerschaum-lined dish and great straight grain. It has got “COMOY’S” stamped in upper-case serif kind with apostrophe. From the reverse, it’s the MADE IN LONDON circle shape with ENGLAND underneath. The stem gets the three-piece C.

Comoys term

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1900 to about 1919

Usually, the Comoys term can be present a joined flowing script canted forth, with an extended end working back from within the S to beneath the C. You’ll find, but 2 water pipes within the 1909 catalog in which Comoys needs a tail whatsoever. You will also discover examples between 1913 to 1919 where in actuality the Comoys name’s still in identical accompanied flowing program, canted forward however with a quick end operating forwards from bottom associated with y to within the s.