Course Topics for Hypnosis Certification

“The best hypnotherapists are students who have had extensive life-experience and who have an abiding need to be of service to others.”

Heartsong Hypnotherapy Training Center offers a program of training in clinical hypnotherapy.

Each state has its own rules and guidelines for the practice of Hypnotherapy. It is important that the potential student do his own research on this matter in the state where he expects to practice. Texas does not provide a licensing, registration or any other accreditation for the practice of hypnotherapy. Because hypnosis does not place the client in a vulnerable situation (the client is always awake and completely aware of the voice and behavior of the hypnotist) and the hypnotist cannot make the client do anything that is against his nature or ethics, this state does not see the need for regulation. And although there is no scientific evidence that a “state” of hypnosis actually exists, the U.S. Department of Labor list of legal job titles does include HYPNOTHERAPIST as a legal job title.

HEARTSONG the most extensive training anywhere with its 500 hour course. In this training the student is introduced to, through lectures and films, all aspects of hypnotherapy. The classroom work is experiential; the students begin working on each other the second day of class. The classes are usually held over a period of three months, each session being ten days, nine to six and some evenings. Then there is an additional assignment of approximately 200 hours of home study including book reports, journaling, a speech on hypnosis, a self-hypnosis tape, and the Heartsong Completion Test, which is a requirement for Certification of Completion from Heartsong. During the last segment of training, there will be three days of clinicals with outside clients, in addition to continuing to work with fellow students.

Qualifications for this training do not include formal education. Bette believes the best hypnotherapists are students who have had extensive life-experience and who have an abiding need to be of service to others. She has had students as young as twenty and as old as 79. The twenty year old brought her infant daughter to class with her each day.

If you need formality and order in your training, then Heartsong is not for you. But.. if you can think freely, be spontaneously creative, laugh easily and a lot, be willing to develop your intuition, step outside your ego, and work really, really hard to acquire new and amazing skills, this is where you will find your bliss.

Call for an interview; you won’t be sorry.



Requirements for Certification

  • Thirty days in classroom for lectures, films, guest speakers
  • Completion of book reports or other assignments regarding reading material
  • Completion of assigned journal work
  • Completion of self-hypnosis tape
  • Presentation of speech
  • Completion of three-page Heartsong test
  • All fees to Heartsong paid in full

The goal at Heartsong is not just to teach you how to do hypnosis, but to do such an excellent intake interview that you will know exactly how to work with your client when that interview is completed. The rapport which takes place during that interview is what makes the hypnosis session successful. You will be taught everything that is listed for the course and you will not be disappointed in the amount of material covered by the end of this training.



Synopsis of Course Topics

  • Introduction to and the history of Hypnosis
  • How the brain assimilates the hypnotic suggestion
  • Suggestibility and testing
  • Removing hypnotic suggestion
  • Instant trance techniques
  • Hypnotic Amnesia
  • Hypnotic Anesthesia
  • Self Hypnosis
  • Open Eye Trance
  • Ideomotor Responses
  • Controlling and recognizing the depth of trance
  • Age and lifetime regression
  • Hypnosis with children
  • Sub-personality work
  • Healing of addictions
  • Overcoming fears & phobias
  • Forensic hypnosis
  • Improving self-esteem and confidence
  • Emotional healing
  • Time-line techniques
  • Intuitive hypnotherapy
  • Creating metaphors & visualizations
  • Reality therapy
  • Performance anxiety
  • Emergency hypnosis
  • Obsessive/compulsive disorders
  • Male/Female sexual dysfunction & behaviors
  • Right brain/left brain therapy
  • Metaphysical & Energetic techniques
  • Healing childhood trauma
  • Shamanistic hypnosis/drumming and music
  • Radical/authoritarian therapy
  • Ericksonian techniques
  • Gil Boyne techniques
  • Advanced pain control
  • Childbirth hypnosis
  • Healing the self-image
  • Soul/spirit revival
  • Religion and hypnosis
  • Relationship healing
  • Control of menopause symptoms (male and female)
  • Grief and bereavement skills
  • Communication skills
  • Develop your intuition
  • Conditioned reflex behaviors
  • Creation of safe harbor
  • Recognizing defining moments
  • Empowerment for self and client
  • Heartling Therapy
  • Dowsing the pulse
  • Homeopathic interview techniques
  • Busting the Big Lie
  • Test anxiety
  • Open-eye trance
  • Emergency hypnosis
  • Hypnotic Amnesia
  • Inner-child therapy
  • Spiritual (Transpersonal) hypnosis
  • Memory enhancement
  • Pain control

Each of the above subjects will be covered in this course… however, they will not be taught in the sequence listed above… or in any other sequence except as they appear in the consciousness of your teacher… who’s teaching technique can only be described as interesting.

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Classes are limited in size.