Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The first question everyone asks when they call for hypnosis for weight loss is, “How does it work?” and, ‘Will it make me stop eating”?

Hypnosis is a technique for reprogramming your brain for a behavioral change, exactly as you reprogram your computer. And, no, it will not make you stop eating. You must eat, but hypnosis can be the power tool you use to implement a change in your eating habits. Taking leptitox pills will really help you to shed some fat. It is non GMO, no sugar, and it is very effective for weight loss. Check out their leptitox consumer reviews.

First I explain what I expect of you as the client before you come in for a session. I will not work with anyone who does not call personally for an appointment. And I will not work with anyone who does not come to me with a plan. All of this is explained in the telephone interview. HOPE IS NOT A PLAN. A lot of folks say, “I sure hope this works’. Hypnosis works if you work the program. When someone tells me , “I’ve tried every diet out there”, I know I have a lot of explaining to do. And usually it is safe to assume that this person is looking for a quick fix.

HYPNOSIS WORKS BECAUSE your brain has no mind of it’s own. It is just sort of hanging out waiting for you to give it the information it needs to tell your body and your psyche to change your behavior. Every bit of information your brain gets is through your sub-conscious mind and a lot of that information is bogus. By the time your reach adulthood, your self-realization is mostly the sum total of the opinions expressed by others and the mirror image of yourself. As youngsters we don’t know that we have the ultimate tool to reject the things we do not want to accept as truth. Hypnosis is simply anytime your mind is doing one thing and your body something else….like reading a book, driving a car, watching a film or t.v. It is a heightened state of concentration and relaxation. Your vital organs run on a separate set of controls, called the autonomic nervous system and they do not have to be considered in this discussion.

When you focus on the voice of your therapist,, and this can be done with your eyes open if you prefer, you have made a contract with that person to give your brain new information, to reprogram it for new behavior. In this condition, we are able to bypass the conscious, also known as the critical, mind. The critical mind is the one that trips you up by reminding you of the many times you have failed in the past.

As you drift into hypnosis, you become hyper-aware of your surroundings and the noises in the room, even the breathing of the therapist. This is a good thing for it lets you know that you are safe, that you have complete control of your surroundings. In a little while, as you relax into the process, those noises drift away and you are able to focus on the sound of the therapists voice. Unless you were a sleepwalker or sleeptalker, which gives you a greater ability to relax and disconnect, the best case scenario for the client, is that you are in a state of feeling like parallel people. One of you is the watcher and the other is totally into the process, accepting the new ideas and behavior. Before going into the trance work, ask your therapist if the process is done with a pre-written script, or is the dialogue strictly spontaneous and created just for you. It is very important that this work be individualized just for your needs. When you are in a state of concentration and focus, whatever your brain experiences in this state, whether visually, auditory or on an emotional level, it cannot tell the difference in this experience and a physical one. The
brain reacts the same way and the brain synapses begin recording this new message just as it would if you were actually in the images physically. That’s how it works, that’s why it works and now we need a plan.

THE PLAN. I need to know what you are willing to to do towards achieving your goals? How much exercise are you willing to do? What foods trigger an eating binge?
How much water do you drink? Is food your drug of choice when you are depressed. Is your eating based on hunger or compulsion? Are you fixated on chocolate or anything else. What is your personal life like? Who do you share mealtime with. Did any life event trigger the beginning of the weight problem? What is the biggest lie you tell yourself about your inability to lose the weight. How much weight do you want to lose and why now? Are you proactive or reactive in your life?

So you come to me ready to answer all of these questions and with your new plan for
sensible eating and exercising and a realistic goal. This really is the first day of the rest
of your life and your history is only as good as the lessons you have learned from it. You
have chosen the most powerful tool on the planet for losing weight: hypnosis, combined
with your determination and a sensible plan with a time-line goal. A safe and realistic
weight loss is between two and one half and four pounds per week and you will lose a lot
more than this the first week because of water weight. And even with hypnosis, you will
plateau but the weight loss will pick up quickly again if you stay with your program.

I do not do a weight loss “program”. We start with one session and when that has been in
place for a couple of weeks, we meet again to re-evaluate the results and assess if there is
a need to change the plan or the hypnosis programming. I will give you a tape of each
session so that you may continue your work at home.

During our telephone interview we will set an appointment at least one week in the future
and during that week I will require that you keep a food journal of every bite of
everything you put into your mouth. This is vital. So many times clients say to me, “I
don’t really eat that much”. And you may not be eating much at any one time, but you
must become aware of all the times when you unconsciously reach for one tiny morsel.
Such as…that left over French fry on your child’s plate, the sample of cheese or cookies
being handed out in the grocery store, etc. This diary also keeps you from cheating
because you think you were good the day before. Added to your daily intake, l050
calories will put on an extra pound every three and one half days.
Another request that I make is that you go to a bookstore and buy a really good calorie
counter, go home and glance through it and be shocked! Even with hypnosis… bottom
line is… YOU MUST BURN UP MORE THAN YOU TAKE IN. Hypnosis takes the
pain out of this resolve.

ALL HYPNOSIS IS SELF-HYPNOSIS. This is your work. I am your guide but I
cannot do anything without your willingness for change and your cooperation and
commitment to the plan.

I look forward to being your guide. Contact Us

– B