Katsukichu’s sideblog for rbing artwork & fics(19).See, that is precisely what the software is ideal for

Written by bette on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Katsukichu’s sideblog for rbing artwork & fics(19).See, that is precisely what the software is ideal for

Discover, that is precisely what the application is good for.

Katsukichu’s sideblog for rbing ways & fics(19)



monica’s records: and so I was gladly twerking to “Bounce” by Rhema, when i considered how jjk figures would react should they see me personally twerking to this song. for all the better feel, it is advisable to tune in to the track, i expect I have y’all contemplating nigerian songs

warning: suggestive information, demonstrated relationship, family with positive, twerking, lapdance, dry humping, ass slapping, small misogyny, me personally are a menace to people, talking about myself in next people, non-binary but use female genitalia

  • I’m sure this may occur in a nightclub or at gojo’s birthday party. Satoru is just about the means to over and over repeatedly ask me personally which type of tracks I pay attention to prior to his birthday party or steals my earbuds while I’m listening to this track and it is instantly addicted.
  • Very yeah, this appears inside playlist and everyone’s interested in learning what song this might be, tipsy as well as. Everyone else but Satoru and that I.
  • As soon as the beat falls, i simply go into position. Most likely, the unwritten tip of this tune is to find into place to throw they back once again as soon as it begins.
  • Everybody is shook as soon as they simply begin reading the words and seeing me personally happily twerk towards the overcome.
  • Gojo’s the basic to react, jumping up and mirroring my personal moves with that skinny ass of his (better still since he is so good at every little thing). Eventually, he’s got this bright concept to put it back again to me and I joyfully engage him, holding his waist firmly as he grinds their butt against myself.
  • Geto’s shocked shortly, before he chooses to attempt to understand for the moment of it -and are making progress somewhat fast- Gojo move’s his butt humping to Geto to irritate him initially, nonetheless they become taking pleasure in they as well better-
  • Nanami works totally indifferent from what’s going on, but the time we remain my personal ass on his lap and begin animated, it is over for your along with his penis.
  • Sukuna rises and just gets behind me personally, hands fast against my personal waistline and pushes my butt to his waistline to grind. Which have always been we to decline?
  • Naoya states his repulsed by just how vulgar I am as well as how it’s unlady like of me to do these types of “disgusting” acts, but his vision are fixed to my personal fat ass jumping and then thing I know I’m reading try “wait personally from inside the bathroom after that”
  • Tojiis only manspreading as he’s enjoying me personally toss they as well as grooving. Eventually, i simply feeling a soft thwack and profit raining on my ass.
  • Mediocre Ijichi is just seated stifly, red faced, my personal butt rubbing on your until their penis stands at attention -which is not lengthy.
  • Choso simply puzzled about what is happening, but he’s adoring every second of my personal butt moving and is also in fact hyping myself right up alongside Gojo and Geto.
  • When the tune is over, we’re folded, sweaty and a little sexy. Gojo claims we play it again as well as have a twerking competition. We, however, has a new strategy of taking it from back in toilet.

monica ©2021 you should never copy, change or repost. reblogs is extremely appreciated.

Charm, Mind and the body

Pairing: Sugardaddy! Nanami Kento x Collegestudent fem! reader (minor Gojo Satoru and Geto Suguru x collegestudent fem! audience)

warning: smut with a storyline, small toxic union, corruption kink, self-indulgent, somewhat crude sex, compliments kink, usage of “sir”, minor electricity enjoy, glucose daddy-baby connection, exhibitionism, size kink, creampie, unsafe sex.

disclaimer: rated 18+ minors dni

sypnosis: visualize moving their examinations plus sugar father decides to celebrate by revealing his smart lady to their family? Yeah, lucky bitch.

monica’s notice: and so I learned some time ago that we passed away my personal first-year checks when we gone back to college, this means I could carry on my studies as a health beginner! with that, I made the decision to take care of myself personally and also you guys to some congratulatory smut! I am hoping it’s good reason eventually I forgot the plot and that I merely opted for the circulation.

Forbidden || G. Satoru

caution: fem reader, porn with land cum assertion, pleasuring, clitoral stimulation, unsafe sex, nipple sucking, Satoru becoming a tease, reference of baby trapping, vaginal penetration, audience dropping the woman virginity, mentions of dried out humping, mentions of confrontation, usage of belt as a discipline, compliments kink.

sypnosis: (y/n) disobeys their mom’s purchases and results in the sleep associated with the greatest jujutsu sorcerer, which privately wants the lady getting his permanently.

ranked: 18+ minors do not connect

monica’s notes: it literally required THREE MONTHS to eventually undertake this. examine my personal headcanon and oneshot masterlist for my performs. reblogs is extremely valued. special thanks to lolalee24 for really encouraging me to conduct this jobs these days!

You were warned to remain far from him, nevertheless get coconut head, telegraph apps free you no dey hear term. (you don’t ever before pay attention)

Your mommy was actually an increased up who had been completely aware of Gojo Satoru’s antics; an exceptionally good-looking sleek talker with a velvety voice, albeit tactless with his statement around seniors. He had been the strongest for reasons, the boy wizard who had learned an incredibly tough techniques while he had been students in jujutsu high, as well as the wielder of six vision.

Behave: Nanami Kento

paring: Sugardaddy! Nanami Kento x Sugarbaby!fem!reader