The Private Hypnotherapy Session with Bette

Written by admin on Friday, October 16, 2009


As you can see from the biography on Bette Epstein, she is trained in, and practices, many forms of mind-body work. Her client work in hypnotherapy is as varied as there are human conditions. Her desire is to continue creating new and more powerful methods of using hypnosis in her own work and to train the best hypnotists in the world.

When you call for an appointment with Bette, you will first have a telephone interview to determine if she is a match for you. Bette does not practice what is commonly thought of as hypnosis. She does not use scripts for any of the work and does not allow her students to use scripts during the course study. Every case is individual and every story has its own special twist. The telephone interview is light and easy, but important to make the client feel comfortable and assured that Heartsong hypnotherapy Sydney is the right place to go for help to facilitate a healing. 

Your private session experience with Bette will begin with a telephone call interview. She will not see a client who does not personally make the call (except in extreme cases). In this conversation, Bette will assess your needs and her personal connection to you. It is vital to your success that the two of you are comfortable with each other. She will explain the hypnotic process to you and what you can expect to experience when you relax and do your trance-work. At this time, an appointment will be agreed upon and the client will be informed that a personal or business check or cash are the methods of payment, and that those who do not keep their appointments and do not cancel within TWENTY-FOUR hours will be billed for the full amount of the session. If you would like a c.d. of your session, ask for it when you make the appointment. For those who would like to contract Bette to make a personal c.d. in lieu of an appointment, the cost would be the same as for a private session in person.

When you arrive for your appointment Bette will engage you in an hour-long interview where she seeks information to determine what makes your story unique. During this interview she will be making mental notes of the facts of your life as she plans how she can best guide you to release and re-program your computer/brain. She is direct, she confronts your fears, she gives “homework” and from her many resources, she may offer suggestions as to other therapies which might benefit you and your condition. She is generous with her time and will never end a session because “time is up” if you are in the midst of some important issue.

There is no proscribed number of sessions required and you pay as you go. One client may complete her work in one session while another with the same situation may take five. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; Bette acts as your guide, but the work is your own.

Each session is customized to your personal needs. The cost is $200 per session if scheduled Monday through Friday, or $250.00 on Sunday. She is closed on Saturday.
Each session usually lasts about one and one-half hours. The length of your treatment varies from client to client.

Please read “Hypnosis, What Is It”… before making your appointment. Write to or make that phone call to have your questions answered.