Sub-Personalities Re-Assigned

Written by admin on Thursday, December 4, 2014


Sub-personalities in hypnosis can be very profound work.  Therapists who use the inner child, higher self, wise old person, or any other images that represent parts of the self are … SUB-personalities.  In this class you will be made aware of all the other parts of the self that can be spoken to, heard, honored, and synthesized into the whole self.

The BASICS of this work is to take opposite parts of the self and create a synthesis of the two.

That may sound too easy and simple but when you have two parts, or sub personalities, say mother and child, who have never co-existed, or maybe never acknowledged each other’s influence on your behavior, it can be a challenge.  This can also be complicated by the fact that you may need others subs to facilitate the deal between the two opposites.  What when the synthesis occurs is that hate and love become one and the same with a new name called acceptance.  From acceptance you can hate and love, but it is from a place where you can accept your emotion.

The subs come in many forms of aggravation and help.

There is the elder, the sibling, the mentor, the troublemaker, the muse, etc.   Some Therapists like to divide them into three categories:  The first being feelings and emotions.  Every emotion can be given a voice, a body or form and a sense of realness.  We can then talk to them and find out what they want and need.  We can find where they came from and where they live in the physical body.  We can introduce them to other parts of the self and finally to create that agreement for the best and highest good of the client.

The second type or category is the inner children.

Each time a decision is made on a subconscious level, a child or teen or whatever is frozen.  For instance, a child who has a trauma at two years of age becomes frozen there.  Each time there is an immediate fear, the adult lets the two year old take charge of the response.  The ideal outcome for this work is to empower the adult and let the child remain a child.

The Third type is defined as the parts or subs who live on the spiritual plane.

These can be the mediators, they can explain the situation on a level that everyone can understand.  They get the details of the story.  They don’t have to be integrated but can be used as the story-tellers when the other parts just can’t find a common ground.


Entities are not subs.  They are discarnate (without form) energies who have attached to the body for any number of reasons.  They can change behavior to reinforce positive or negative behavior.  They should be encouraged to go on to the next level of understanding.


Although you may reach an agreement in one session, this work should have a follow-up session.  Sub personality work is intense and you don’t want a client to leave without knowing that they have made a commitment to continuing the work as their emotions could be left very raw by this experience.

Ask pertinent questions to determine if the sub is actually an energy out of body.  Ask these questions:  How long have you been with this person?

Have you ever lived in the physical on this spiritual plane?

Some believe it is important to speak directly to the part of the physical body where the sub resides.   Don’t giggle.

Emotions and inner children have different ways of experiencing space.  Children may not realize that they are a part of a whole and may need to be introduced to the adult.  Emotions know they are in the body and may just need to be introduced to their opposite half.

I will work with someone in session using the sub technique.  It can be very rewarding.   Once we identify the part which maintains the habit, behavior, addiction, etc.,  we usually dialogue with “him” and call a “round table” of all the other subs who contribute until we find a solution to sending the “control” sub on to a different and more effective job.   Often others  will jump in and want to assist the controlling sub.

Bette Epstein

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