Read What Students Who Have Attended Bette Epstein’s Hypnosis Training Classes Say:


“Bette Epstein is a person who is dedicated to bringing the best that people have to the fore. She helps hundreds of people rid themselves of the inaccurate beliefs that create problems for them; the belief that they are not worthy to be healthy, to be successful, and to be loved. Unfortunately, most of us have these core inner beliefs because of past experiences in childhood or later in life. Bette, with her insight and caring is able to focus on those erroneous beliefs and help people see a new way of believing about themselves, and she has dedicated her life to that cause. Bette is a unique individual in that helping others is who she is. She is gracious, loving, kind, and generous beyond belief. She is also a consummate professional.”

Deborah Rubin


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“Without reserve, and with a sense of responsibility and gratitude for the work that Bette does at Heartsong, I submit the following for your consideration…… In the brief time that I had an opportunity to study with Bette, I found that she always presented herself professionally, and in high integrity. She exhibited an expertise and brought a depth of knowledge and experience to bear in each class, but there are 2 things that I appreciated most about the training. First, Bette brought an element of compassion to the work. Her genuine passion for helping others through difficult issues always stood out head and shoulders above other trainers. And second, she has a gift of being able to present tragic, real life cases in a way that introduces the student to real world applications of hypnotherapy training without which the knowledge would have been unusable and impractical. We expected to learn to perform hypnotherapy effectively and with a certain level of confidence and she was always highly effective in this measure. Bette’s compassion and fierce drive to serve humanity through Hypnotherapy work is an integral part of the larger whole and our society benefits in ways that are not always clear to our understanding.”

Regina D. Johnson


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I look back on my time in your class in 2004 with fond memories of the time I began learning hypnosis. I checked out the other options in the area and even around the country and decided that your school was the best way for me to learn hypnosis. No other school offers the depth of knowledge when it comes to learning hypnosis. And the relaxed atmosphere in the class was one thing I really enjoyed, as it really added to the class and actually enhanced the experience. It was almost like I was visiting your home with all the couches and easy chairs there. Then some of the students were fun to work with. and of course others were more of a challenge, but u handled things well and made sure we all had a solid understanding of what we needed to know to be able to help others make changes in their lives. While there may be other options to learn hypnosis in the area now, I can say without a doubt that if I were to start learning hypnosis now, I’d rather be in your class than any other class in the state.



Last year I was having a problem with my teenage son. He was depressed and experimenting with drugs. I called your to see about the possibility of using hypnosis to help him. Talking with u made a huge difference in the situation. I was able to understand and deal with him more easily. I was hoping to bring him in for hypnosis. You explained to me that u could not hypnotize him if he did not want it. Being a desperate mother I wanted it done regardless but I talked with him and asked him about it and he was not willing so he never became one of your clients. My relationship with my son improved dramatically as a result of my consultation with you. I will always be grateful for you and your school.

Mary Allen


I met you this past year at the Hypnotherapy conference in Glendale. You truly touched my life in such a profound way that I must acknowledge you for this. First your presentation at the conference concerning grief and dying was by far one of the most informative presentations that had attended at the conference. Your years of experience with the dying has been a valuable template for those who do not know what and how to provide those facing the end of their lives, which is all of us in the end. I left that workshop inspired and in awe of your courage and commitment to an area, which most want to deny. Grief and death. I was the woman who lost her husband and you so graciously gave your time, expertise, and heart to helping me turn the corner with my grief. As you helped me sort out a lifetime of grief, I was touched deeply by your commitment to stay present to my pain, and not get overwhelmed when I told u my many challenges. I left our session with a belief that I would survive this period of grief, and that I was seen with love and admiration by you, which means so much. For the first time in a year since my beloveds passing, I had hope. You remind me of an angle, disguised as a strong professional hypnotherapist. I thank you so much for your contribution to this world.

Ericka LaVigne, C.C.H.T.


Glad you are considering learning more about hypnosis. It is hugely fascinating. I took Bette’s hypnotherapy course in the fall of 2006 and loved every minuet of it. There is plenty of practice on actual clients from the first day of class to the last. Bette’s training is the best in the field. I’ve talked to many, many people from around the country who trained elsewhere. NONE of them had the same through training that we experienced first hand at Bette’s center. The days are willing with plenty of laughter and fun to keep the pace interesting. However, the topic is serious and intriguing. You will not believe what comes up during demonstration sessions and also amazed at your own progress. A tremendous variety of phobias, addictions and other issues are covered throughout the classes. The environment is very comfortable and casual… defiantly not the traditional classroom with desks and hard folding chairs. Students are able to stretch out and be comfortable, while learning… a real benefit. This is not to say the environment is not professional; because clients are coming in for professional treatments during the classes. I could go on and on, Lets just say that I highly recommend Bette Epstein and Heartsong Hypnotherapy Training.

Carole Lawrence


I want to let you know how much I appreciate you, your work, and the opportunities you have given me and so many others to grow in different ways, by being exposed to new and different ideas through your workshops. I have especially enjoyed the dowsing I learned from u and from Joey while attending your school. It is such a safe and caring place to learn, as your teaching style is gentle but firm, while allowing space for fun as well. Just what is needed.

Kae Stuart


Dear Bette, as a former client of yours who has known you for years and understands your ability to help people on so many levels, I would like attest to the goodness of your work. You provided and enabled me with the tools to find my own “heartsong” and peace. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me.

Bina Domb


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You have been an inspiration to me since we first met, I think that was maybe 10 years ago, when I first took your hypnosis class. The class covered so many fascinating ideas about the value of hypnosis in every area of our lives. The various thought patterns we develop as children that can be brought to the foreground through hypnosis. Your thoroughness in covering the many subjects we studied was brilliant and so very meaningful in my life.  I shall always be eternally grateful for your sensitive hands-on training. You are truly blessed as a gifted teacher and a wonderful friend. I have heard so many students compliment your abilities and thoroughness, and their great affection for you. Knowing you, has greatly enriched my life, and my children’s. You have always been so patient and kind to all your students, very generous in giving so much of your time and facilities to accommodate them.

Jana Blackburn


To Whom This May Concern:

With the many available schools in the US for Hypnosis certification, Heartsong Hypnosis Center stands out as being a school that not only produces successful  hypnotherapists but also provides ongoing, unfailing support after graduation for students. The Hypnotherapy course offered of 500 hours far exceed the minimum required hours of 350 to qualify for a clinical hypnotherapist and therefore is not suited for the faint hearted, since the syllabus is comprehensive and the student work is quite demanding, however the benefits of success far exceed the work required.

Bette Epstein, mentor and owner of Heartsong provides a professional, educational and caring environment for her students. Her teaching style is one of dedicated intention for her students to elicit the best knowledge and guidance so that they too can provide a thriving, professional practice once graduated. The course relies on the theoretical completion of work in a timely manner and case studies with clinical practice. Bette also teaches ethical practices which follow the guidelines set out by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and her services are instrumental in many community resources within the Dallas Metroplex.

Having been a student of Bette’s and now a practicing Hypnotherapist, I am privileged to endorse Heartsong Hypnosis Center of Dallas and Bette Epstein for future students in their choice of this particular school for their certification. Bette has continued to be my mentor and still provides guidance and support to me and my practice.

Pramala Spencer,

BSc Psych (Hons), CHt. Clinical Hypnotherapist



Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hypnotherapy at the School of Thought (in Arkansas), on Sept. 3rd that changed my life. I don’t have the split personality I had before. You are an angel to me. I wish it could have been sooner, but life is so much more pleasant and joyful now.

Best regards,



I was a student in of Bette’s 2001 as well as my wife Nancy in 2006. I can say in all truthfulness that Bette is a top notch instructor and as a great program to teach and allow students to have hands on experience while under her supervision.

I started a hypnotherapy business in Springfield, MO that same year and, of course Nancy joined me in the business after she was certified.

We have made this a successful business with hard work and dedication to the craft. We have watched fly-by-nights come and go many times but we stuck to the basics and use our training and experience to continue to be successful, even though the slow economic times have been felt by us all.



Hola! my name is Mario and I wanted to throw in my two cents on your inquiry of Bette’s school. It was only last year that I attended classes with Bette and I would rate my experience as one of the best in my life! Not only do you learn about the powerful therapy that is Hypnosis but you will definitely uncover, discover, and recover parts of you along the way.

Taking classes with Better was an unusual and exciting experience for me. I was used to the classroom setting of white boring walls, cold rigid desks, and boring lectures being mumbled. The setting at Heartsong is hardly this. At Heartsong you will find a comfortable spacious room filled with couches and recliners. The place is so comfortable that some of us spent the time laying down (mostly me)!

I guarantee that you will learn. You will laugh. You will probably cry. You will hug. and You will laugh some more. But most importantly you will meet one of the kindest, straight forward, genuine people in the world! Bette provides an.. open, safe, encouraging atmosphere for you to share and learn.

Respectfully yours,




I’ve been meaning to tell you about Paul and let you know that your session with him has had a positive impact. He was in KS for a tournament last week. Although he did not play as well as he had hoped, his mother said that he didn’t get upset at all. And when he returned home and had a lesson with a pro. His dad said the pro noted that he observed a change in Paul’s attitude. This summer he’s playing in lots of tournaments. hopefully to earn “stars” for participating and to be viewed by coaches who may be looking to fill spots on their college golf teams. So, again, thanks for helping our Paul.

Thanks for everything. Loving you, Sharon.


(Cleaning out old correspondence from my laptop today, I found this letter from 2009…. from a woman who came in as a volunteer during clinicals.  She asked to be a volunteer as an example for me to do a session on in front of the class instead of a private client.  The class agreed and so it went…
Interesting to me that this piece showed up today because just this morning I moved a piece of art which she had created… from one location to another.  I guess it wasn’t so interesting after all… stuff like this happens a lot.   So.  I decided to forward it to some of my favorite students just in case any of you have forgotten how powerful our work really is.   If you aren’t practicing, please get back to it. Bette)

Thank you thank you Bette ….. what a moving experience that was, this hypnotherapy session! It still is powerful remembering the sound of the rain and your voice almost as if it were coming from inside my head. It was the most peaceful and safe I have felt in years. The love coming from all present was palpable. In fact, when I want to calm myself , that memory is now my safe place to go.
I feel confident now that my body is in cinque with my desire to loose weight. I’m going to be much more vigilant about what I eat and how much I eat.

The most important part was the forgiveness that you spoke of. Forgiveness of all inappropriate behavior. That covers a LOT of ground! Clearing out the old, long beieved guilt has freed me to feel like my spunky self more each day and I know that I will take loving care of myself. That means tough love sometimes, to say NO to chocolate cake or at least to empty self-indulgence that has no reason except compensation for feeling alone. I am not alone and I am loved. That you reminded me of in a wonderful, gentle way .

I hope you will share this note with Laurie and Melissa and the others who
were so kind.



My pain/discomfort was at the highest level ever in my life! After our session it was down to a 1!! Wahoo! You’re a life saver!



Just wanted to see how you’ve been doing and tell you how much I appreciate you.

Its been such a blessing meeting you, knowing you and all that you taught me.  I feel like I have something of value for myself and I can create whatever I want for myself now.  This year has been pretty hard for me and connecting with you has been one of the best things that has happened to me this year and as far as i can remember even during the previous.  Ive grown and I feel stronger after I have connected with you.

How have you been doing? I hope your doing well. If there is anything I can do for you or if you ever need help just let me know.  Once again, I appreciate you and I thank you for all the blessing that you have given me.

Love Michael


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