Who is Bette?

“She believes that not only did hypnosis drastically change her own life, but that it is the ultimate artistic expression for her”

BetteWell, Bette began this incarnation in Kentucky.. on a farm.( She uses this beginning as an excuse for not wearing shoes.) She moved to Texas a long time ago when a handsome young man named Gary invited her for a visit and she decided never to return to the frozen north. In the next 20 years, she married that clever boy and gave birth to four children, the last one born in 1982. Before discovering hypnosis, Bette had some serious attention problems which manifested in many careers: a tap dance instructor, collage artist, weaver, interior designer, art gallery owner, and she is a writer.

For three years she hosted a community television interview show called Straight From The Heart on which she interviewed some of the most interesting folks in the medical and spiritual community. Bette had many volunteer jobs, far too many to bore you with. She is a community organizer as well as being active in her spiritual community. She has mentored in Kramer Elementary School for ten years with at-risk children. With her family she hosts an open Community Vegetarian Seder each year at Passover. She is the “mother” of the North Central Tejas chapter of the American Society of Dowsers. She believes that not only did hypnosis drastically change her own life, but that it is the ultimate artistic expression for her.

Bette’s hypnotherapy training was extensive and although she studied with many of the great teachers, she considers only the late Ormond McGill to have made an impact on her work. In addition to workshops and specialized training, Bette studies daily in an effort to be her own best student and says she is primarily self-taught. She has created a number of hypnotherapy techniques which are used by former students all over the country. Bette is an expert witness in Forensic Hypnosis and is a counselor in the following areas: Bereavement and Grief, Palliative Care, Sexual Dysfunction and Addiction, and Hypnosis for Childbirth. She has taught Hypnotherapy all over the U.S., and in many other countries, including Arkansas, and Kiev, Ukraine.

Since 1986 Bette has been practicing hypnotherapy in the same location in Dallas.

She is a writer of short love stories (Husbands, Lovers and Other Sorrows), a novel recently completed (The Jews Harp), a short story about a young girl in foster care(Popcorn and Thin Mints), a book on grief (A Time To Mourn, Odes of Grief), for which she received an important award for free verse, a collection of the work of her health guru, the late Dr. Grace Carrington, (Dr. Grace Tells It Like It Is), a collection of poems, prose and fantasy on aging by women of all ages (….And When I Am Old), a teaching course on using the acupressure points in the hand for healing (Heartline Therapy), and is now working on a book on the uncommon uses of Hypnotherapy.

Bored yet? Bette (with that clever boy, who crossed through the veil in 1995) is the mother of four adults: Dr. David Epstein, physician and gardener, creator of Farm In A Box, aquaponic gardening. Lorre Epstein (Degani), World-class schoolteacher and mom, Eliza Epstein, Acclaimed Jewelry designer, sculptor, and Dr. Cassie Epsteingirls(Whitmire), Veterinarian and poet. Three grandchildren (Ben, Jesse & Sophie Degani) and one especially chosen granddchild, (Skye Stern). She lives with her hairy children, Jake & Grace-Marie, assorted cats and friends who come and go. Her favorite pastimes are dancing, sharing stories and laughing with friends. Yes!.. she is Aries, Libra ascending and Scorpio moon!

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