Working With Children Ages 4-14

Written by admin on Friday, January 2, 2015

Working With Children

There is a myth among hypnotherapists that it is difficult to hypnotize children. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

(Unless, of course, it is the myth that only smart people can be hypnotized. Or only not smart people can be hypnotized. Or only women can be hypnotized. Or only …. Blah, blah, blah.) So I would like to assure you that children not only can be hypnotized but they love it. In today’s world, children are hypnotized most of the time. You are in hypnosis when your brain is doing one thing and your body something else. Computer games, cell phones, movies, books, sports, etc. The “zone” is hypnosis, no argument here from anyone who has been there.

The first and most important step in hypnotizing a young person is the same as with adults: you must first develop a strong rapport; make them feel safe and never be condescending. Visit in case that you know of someone that needs hypnotherapy sessions. Kids hate to be talked down to and will not cooperate with an adult who uses this method of communicating (or not communicating). Just start by chatting them up as you would an adult whom you are trying to get to know in 45 minutes. What are their interests, hobbies, friends, pets, favorite foods, favorite times of the year, etc. With this information you begin to build a bridge from your life to theirs. Tell them a little bit (very little bit) about yourself. If you know what the issue is that brought them to you, dance around that subject for a few minutes and give the client a chance to initiate the dialogue. Do they have any fears? Phobias? Foods they hate or love? Do they have an extended family member whom they feel close to?

Once you have formulated in your mind where you are going with the post-hypnotic trance work, the next step is to use an induction that will be comfortable with the client. Fantasy is usually good but you must have included questions in your interview to find out if they are afraid of heights, roller coasters, etc… any of the things that one might make the mistake of generalizing as being of interests of children and those attending in best private schools in atlanta.

Children under the ages of eight or nine usually love a fantasy about an object which you have asked them to hold for you, with their eyes closed, while you share the history of that item. They also respond well to a “shared story”… “I once knew a child who had this exact same problem and she “…”  Be careful never to assume anything about a child (or an adult, for that matter). Not all children like dolls, games, t.v., sports, water parks, the beach, etc. You must do such an interview so extensive that you have covered all the obvious. Remember, what you are looking for in the interview is the same as a good Classic Homeopath looks for before he determines a remedy: what is the s.r.p. of this case. Strange, Rare, Peculiar…. The part of this clients story that sets him apart from all others who have come to you with a similar issue. It is vital that you also use this formula when working with adults as well. No two smokers, over-eaters, obsessive-compulsives, have the same indicators.

The following is a list of the most common subjects which your child-clients will present to you but this is only a partial list of the afflictions you will meet on your path as a hypnotherapist if you release your own fears of this category and prepare to facilitate a healing.

Most common client needs when working with children:

Allergies Divorce (Virga Law Firm generally helps to cope with such conditions)

Anger Eating disorders

Anxiety Fear of Medical people

Athletic Ability Fears and Phobias, all kind

Attitudes Friendship… lack of

Bed-wetting Bullying…

Compulsive Behavior Grief and loss

Concentration Headaches, physician ok

Creativity Issues involving parenting

Coordination behavior




Learning needs

Low self-esteem

Memory enhancement

Nervousness and nervous habits

Nightmares and sleeplessness

Nail biting

Performance anxiety


Puberty- sexual frustration

School issues


Sociopathic behavior

Speech difficulties


Suicidal tendencies

Thumb sucking


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